Guidelines for Group T students by Group T students!

Are you a (future) engineering student and wondering how to pass every year at Group T?
If so, read on!

Facebook Groups

Since 2012 there are multiple Facebook Groups, separated by stage/specialisation. When you're in need of assistance, want to share something relevant or just keep up with what's happening join the matching group to your stage.

ECTS Descriptions (ECTS-fiches)

ECTS Descriptions are the official place to find all information pertaining to a specific course. They should include the weights of partial courses (if there are any), as well as an overview of the course contents.


Of course there's more! Be sure to visit the Industria website for your coursebooks and activities! If you need any more information, you can contact us on Facebook or come by and visit us at Group T
Oh and don't forget about the good ol' Studforum!